Art & Fashion Walk Together

The union of art and fashion has been around since before recorded history. It has grown, adapted, and reflected trends and influenced culture. Art has always been a component of fashion. Every t-shirt with a pop image on its face represents the union. Andy Warhol exploited the union with his work that purposely blended art, culture and fashion. Top designers have long collaborated with artists for their style and creativity in hopes of enhancing new collections.

Art & FashionOf course, the union was inevitable. Both utilise elements like colour and composition, both strive to create original and compelling material. Art and fashion appeal to people based on their individual tastes. We personalise the deeper messages even if we don’t recognise them. This applies to both seeing a piece of art hanging in a museum and admiring a piece of clothing on a hanger. This is because there’s no real way to separate the personal pleasures of art from that of fashion.

Both fashion and art represent a form of symbolism that can be appreciated on varying levels depending on the admirer. They look to generate visual impact, putting something disinct and engaging before the eye that stands out. This has always been the case and only becomes more evident as contemporary artists use their talent to put the same sensibilities they bring to galleries on the cat walk.

At the most recent Fashion Week and Met Ball, both held in New York City, the correlation between art and fashion may not have even been intentional but it was certainly obvious. There were plenty of works that seemed to have been lifted directly from classic works and stitched to modern designs. In fact, the concept prompted this article about unexpected examples of maybe-unintentional fusions that have taken place.

Ironically, the fashion world uses the unique vision of an artist to imply a unique vision of their own. Meanwhile, the artist ends up blurring the lines as the fusion grows stronger. It will soon be difficult to distinguish where fashion ends and art begins. The continuous and growing union only looks to make the characteristics of the disciplines harder to separate.