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Fun & Creativity with Silk Painting

Silk painting has been a part of culture for centuries. It has been a tremendously popular part of the Asian art community for centuries with many of the traditional approaches to the practice starting here. Europe has embraced painting on silk and its popularity has grown in the U.S., particularly through the Internet. The French have developed a technique for applying dye to silk that’s been embraced by the community.

Silk PaintingSilk is alluring and seductive. It’s amazing to the touch and attractive to the eye, making it a wonderful canvas. Fun and easy, silk painting has almost no learning curve. Even the most earnest beginner can find themselves creating beautiful original pieces of art in no time. The Internet isn’t loaded with just basic, simple to follow instructions on the process. There are lots of kits for beginners that will contain everything an artist would need to get started.

With vibrant colours at the forefront, the silk background provides a luster and glow, giving the finished project an animation quality not found with the use of other canvases. Silk emanates warmth and glow that shines through.

Artists usually begin with a sketch and then outlines with a rubbery liquid. This makes sense. Silk is not as cheap as paper and you’d hate to waste it on stalled projects. Once the outline has been prepared, the artist faces the real challenge, applying dimension through shading, colour and other surface techniques. In the end, the artist ends up with a product that’s surprisingly inspiring with the fabric enhancing everything.

Silk paintings do not only hang in galleries or museums. As a fabric that feels great against the skin, many artists peronsalise silk, creating a scarf or blouse as gifts.

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