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Psychological Impact of Colour

Impact of ColourColour has power. People wear a specific colour of tie to imply power and success. We work with colours for specific occasions. We are drawn to one coloured item of clothing as opposed to another. Colours sedate and stimulate us. We use them to represent our feelings.

A part of our everyday lives, colour surrounds with an influence that can affect even the most subtle decision. They can manipulate us mentally, physically and emotionally, having an impact on every aspect of our mood. We’re seeing red. We’re green with envy. We feel blue. That guy’s yella! We wear colours that ignite feelings of passion and mysteriousness.

The colours we surround ourselves with do say something about us whether we’re aware of it or not. We lean toward particular colours. It’s because we identify with them on a symbolic level. We use colours to represent the stronger aspects of our character. For example, if we look good in shades of blue – especially if this is what we’re told – we use that colour to maintain the declaration. It helps fulfill that need not to just look good, but to look good to others. We end up associating that colour with what we admire about ourselves.

On the other end of the spectrum, if you don’t look in a colour, you move away from it. It’s a reminder of your vulnerabilities. We grow to associate it with what we don’t want to see in ourselves, challenges we don’t want to face, weaknesses that we have to accept.

Colours represent a subtle language that can definitely imply worth. It’s why a corporation will print a document or newsletter on coloured paper. Why the world went crazy when we went from greenish computer monitors to full colour. We love colours for what they have to say to us.

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