“Talking Threads” TV Show Inspires Creative Art

Talking ThreadsIf you’re an art enthusiastic in general and a fan of the increasingly popular genre of textile art in specific, you will love the television series Talking Threads. It’s a programme that successfully blends education and fun while exploring a variety of fabric styles, including spinning, weaving and knitting.

Airing in 2009. Talking Threads is a magazine style programme. Shown on The Country Channel, 50 million people around the world have embraced the show that looks to inspire its audience with stories of fabric. Each episode focuses on a highly regarded artist in the field. There will be an interview and a look at their work. The best part of the show is the detailed demonstration by the featured artist of how a specific piece was constructed.

Each episode of the show also looks at simple fabric techniques that anyone can use in their art. Series 1 is available on DVD or can be streamed on the Internet.

Series 1

  • Jill Kennedy – The textile artist and teacher paints colourful flowers with resists and silk paint on fabric.
  • Gilda Baron –The artist and teacher combines machine and hand sewn stitching to create landscapes.
  • Di Wells – The patchworker and quilter stitches black thread onto tissue paper.
  • Kim Thittichai – The artist discusses painting and melting tyvek.
  • Fay Maxwell – The textile artist and teacher discusses methods for slicing fabric.
  • Linda Miller – She draws with the sewing machine, sketching and free forming pictorial stitching.
  • Myfanwy Hart – The artist demonstrates how to dye fabrics with cold-water dies.
  • Anne Griffiths – The artist shows her sketchbooks and how to use water soluble fabric on the sewing machine for lacy effects.
  • Angie Hughes – The multi-media artist creates landscapes using bondaweb and transfers foil onto black velvet.

Series 1 wraps up with an episode that looked at the many roads one can take in the genre and includes a visit to Missenden Abbey and the Festival of Quilts.

Talking Threads is a wondrous, creative and inspirational exploration of fabric art and recommended to artists of all types.