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The Art of Garbage as Masterpiece

In a world looking for ways to repurpose waste to save the environment, artists have been doing same for a long time. In the traditional, the artist thrives to craft beauty out of nothing. In other large portions of the creative community, garbage is art that just hasn’t been created yet.

Turns out it’s also good commerce. A 2.5 meters tall statue of Transformers leader Optimus Prime made from recycled metals sold for £4,860.

The Art of GarbageRecycling has gradually crept into many aspects of entertainment. With hip hop dominating the scene, music has been recycling itself for decades, though not always to raves. Everyone from Mary J. Blige to Anthrax have “sampled” established compositions to create new, well received pieces.

Looking for challenges, artists have embraced the form. Francisco de Pájaro gives second thought to piles of trash that most people don’t look at once. He’s turned dumpsters into sharks, cardboard boxes into a centipede and, most famously, trash bags into a group of huggers. The Spain native sees garbage as the only legitimate resource for making art in public, since painting on the street in Barcelona is against the law. This had led to more street masterpieces than bottles in your recycling bag.

Workshop Hapax actually designs works of art from discarded materials provided by clients. BRC Designs performs miracles, creating actual furniture from unconventional materials like computer motherboards. Derek Gores utilizes old magazines, labels and other paper materials to make striking portraits.

It’s garbage as art and, in the right hands, it’s amazing to see.

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